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Move around the world with ADC

You have decided to change country? Are you planning to settle in America? Do you need a tailor-made accompaniment to know your new home?

Our professionals of ADC in Strasbourg propose to accompany you in the discovery of your new place of life. Whatever destination you choose, we help and guide you to the best choices for your needs:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Administrations
  • Hobbies
  • Animation centers
  • Transport network…

The destinations

Our moving company is available for your moves:

  • In Europe: France, England, Switzerland, Luxembourg
  • In North America: USA, Canada
  • In South America: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica etc ...
  • In Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc ...
  • In Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta etc ...
  • The Indian Ocean: Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion Island

For any request for additional information or for any quotation, do not hesitate to contact our international moving company in
the Bas Rhin.

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Déménagement International longue distance 60m3 SUISSE - FRANCE - Mars 2020
J'ai été pleinement satisfait de la prestation d'ADC. Non seulement ils ont tenu leur promesse au beau milieu du lock-down, mais la prestation a ...