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ADC for your moves in France and beyond!

Whether you are in need of moving from France to England or moving to Paris, our company ADC is your place to go!

Our movers in Strasbourg evaluate the volume and the needs in material and transport and you define the whole process to undertake. They inform you of clearance formalities if you leave the country.

With ADC, we guarantee the safety of your goods during transport. We offer special boxes to guarantee the original condition
of your items.

An efficient routing!

We make sure to let you know the best routing. Thanks to our global presence, we also offer groupage for small volumes to
the United States, Canada, Australia, Lebanon and South America.

For your international moves

Our international removal company in Strasbourg ensures the best of organizations.
We assure you a tailor-made and personalized service.

Because international removals require end-to-end follow-up, we allow you to track the path of your property through
computer tracing.

Rest assured and use our services!

For any request for additional information or request a quote, contact our moving company in the Bas Rhin.


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J'ai été pleinement satisfait de la prestation d'ADC. Non seulement ils ont tenu leur promesse au beau milieu du lock-down, mais la prestation a ...