Guide to removals in Alsace

All our tips for planning your move well

Whether you are an individual or a professional, planning a move well is not easy.

Have I thought of everything? How much will it cost me? How do I go about getting to my destination on time? We try to answer all your questions on this page.

Our list of tips!

Tip # 1:

Establish your budget.
Indeed, before moving you must establish the necessary budget for the transport of your furniture and even your vehicle if you have one. For this, you can call on ADC to establish a quote.

Tip # 2:

List your essential personal effects.
It is important to prepare a list of the things that you will need the most for your departure. Thus, all the items that you can buy back on site will not be considered essential (bedding, crockery, kitchen utensils, etc.). This will allow you to leave lighter.

Tip # 3:

List the furniture and items you are going to sell and give away.
This will allow you to realize what to buy on the spot but also to establish your budget.

Tip # 4:

Use a company specializing in removals abroad.
This is the best way to ensure the proper delivery of your personal effects. Do not hesitate to call on ACD to establish a quote and seek advice from our movers.