Moving well in Martinique

With its idyllic postcard image, the island of Martinique always seduces. It is like an invitation to stroll and relax, to live in a place dotted with permanently sunny landscapes with its sugar cane fields or forest paths. However, making the decision to live there and therefore to move from the metropolis is something else. Here are some seasoned tips that we offer you for a successful move to the island of Martinique.

Imagine yourself in Martinique

As with all these paradisiacal islands, there is a difference between coming to Martinique for a relaxing vacation and living there permanently. A move to the other side of the world implies a different look at the island, because you have to adapt to a new way of life, moreover Creole so that your installation goes as well as possible and in a sustainable way. Whether in terms of food, administrative hours, climate, music, very lively traditions in the West Indies or the habits of locals, these are all elements to take into account in your decision to move. In Martinique. For all this, it is essential to prepare in the best possible way your international move to Martinique, relatively in advance. With proper preparation, your dream of moving to this amazing island will come true.

Installation in Martinique

Before considering anything to prepare your moving boxes, there is an essential step through which you must go, namely the administrative formalities.

The administrative aspect

However, Martinique is a French overseas department, so the procedures are extremely easy if you are moving from mainland France. Indeed, it is as if you were moving from one department to another in metropolitan France. Your passport or valid identity document is more than enough to travel to Martinique. On the other hand, the administrative procedures also include your subscriptions and your links with the administrations of your daily life. Thus, CAF, CPAM, EDF, GDF, the tax office or even Pôle Emploi, depending on your status, must imperatively warn of your departure. For most organizations, the process is easily done online.

Your arrival in Martinique

To be able to manage your initial expenses and ensure your arrival in the best conditions, it is imperative to transfer your bank account to a local bank branch in Martinique. Not only can you keep the same account number, but you can then transfer money, receive your salary. Like a move from one department to another in metropolitan France, this approach for Martinique is not at all restrictive. Quickly find out from your agency who will tell you the procedures to follow. In the first days on the island, remember to report the change of address to your insurance, whether for the car, housing, whether you are a tenant or an owner elsewhere. As you did in mainland France, you must contact the same services again for your home to be operational such as energy suppliers (EDF Martinique), gas, telephony and Internet (Orange Caraïbes, Digicel, Only, Izi Box , SFR, ZeOp, etc.) Here too, subscription transfers are always possible under certain conditions. Practical advice for your move Moving to Martinique is not the same as moving to another region in mainland France. With nearly 6,000 km of distance between the metropolis and the island, it is important to take certain precautions and plan ahead.

Know your budget

To succeed in your move to Martinique, you need to define your financial capacities. This affects the choice of mover and the volume of business you will take with you. Ask yourself some questions: • Do you need a container? Or canteens? • What do you do with the business that you leave in metropolitan France? (storage, storage with friends, sale, etc.) • Are you going to live in accommodation that is already furnished? • Would you like to buy everything back on site?

A good organization

Maybe you will need a visa, a work permit, or some vaccinations, right? The important thing is to list the important things to do before D-Day. The more organized you are, the better off your move to Martinique will be. Likewise, moving thousands of kilometers from the metropolis is the perfect time to sort out your business. On the one hand, there are surely things, clothes, furniture that do not or no longer suit your current tastes. You can also store certain furniture with friends or put them in a room such as a storage room for a fixed period. On the other hand, be aware that the overall price of the move depends in particular on the weight and volume of your belongings. If you have furniture that is not exotic, it may not appreciate the high heat or humidity in Martinique. It might be better to part with it. The less volume you have, the more you reduce the final bill.

When to go to Martinique?

There is no better time than another to move to Martinique. Indeed, the traffic of freighters and other movers operates 365 days / year. However, this activity is more important during the summer season (between June and September) because of the school holidays. A move in winter is therefore no problem, but be aware that there are periods, especially in low season, when it rains a lot in Martinique. This can influence the date of your move.

The good mover

Choosing your mover is a matter of affinity, but by working with a professional and committed, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly. At ADC, we have the experience and know-how for international moves. If you have any questions or if you need practical information (transport, customs, etc.), our responsive team will answer you as soon as possible so that your organization is optimal. Our internal quality procedures, the variety of packaging solutions (pallets, boxes, containers, etc.) and our network of professionals are all guarantees of quality to ensure a stress-free move.

Transportation of your belongings

Even if some manage to move in a hurry, it is preferable to plan yours in advance, because the trips back and forth between Martinique and the metropolis will quickly cost you dearly. By taking two to three months ahead of D-Day, you avoid mistakes and oversights. Have you thought about the type of transport to travel with your belongings? You certainly have the airplane solution, but it comes at a relatively high cost. In addition, you will not be able to take your vehicle. On the other hand, air transport is ideal for an express move or for the urgent transport of your goods.

Transport by boat

The other way out is the boat, the container to be precise. Define the goods you want to take with you in order to remove the superfluous that can be bought again in Martinique. Of course, your car can be transported by boat, as well as all of your furniture, but all household appliances can be bought again in Martinique. With sea transport, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks to receive the container safely. It all depends of course on weather conditions, sea conditions and especially the departure dates from the metropolis (as well as the departure port, because it will take more time from Marseille than from Nantes or Le Havre). Remember that shipping time by sea includes pre-routing time and delivery time. Finally, at the port of Fort-de-France, there are management and handling times for loading.

Take care of the packaging of your goods

To avoid unpleasant surprises when your container arrives in Martinique, we recommend that you label each box specifying the content, destination and recipient. You can also number the said boxes and write this number on a listing that you keep with you throughout the move. This listing will also be effective and very practical when it comes to identifying your belongings in the event of customs control. Then the packaging must be perfectly successful. Even if you take out damage insurance, if your packaging is not suitable, the insurance cannot reimburse you for the damage observed. If you choose the option of the personalized – or individual – container then you have the opportunity to protect and install your belongings by yourself or by helping the moving professionals on the spot. This is not the case if you opt for the grouped container solution where you share said container with other people. Thus, secure all your load using tightening rings as well as straps and covers to optimize protection. If you decide to take your vehicle, it must be empty if you take the ro-ro boat option. A move like moving to Martinique is a large-scale move. It takes reflection and anticipation for it to go as well as possible and for your expatriation to be successful and serene at the same time.